Our Video Shoot With Artist Julian Mayor, Artnet and Dobel Tequila

Earlier this year, I was contacted by International Art Dealers, Artnet to help them document the journey and process of a new piece of art work that they were involved with.

The project was in collaboration with Mexican premium Tequila makers, Dobel. The artist at the centre of all of this was Julian Mayor.

After a great call with Artnet’s New york office, I had great conversation with Julian who is based in Doncaster and the shoot was given the go ahead!

In August 2019 I travelled up to Doncaster for 2 days to film Julian and his assistant Chris, at their workshop as they constructed an incredible Tequila Bar.

Julian has a very distinct style, using metal and hard edges. He based the design of the bar on the the Agave plant from which Tequila is derived.

He designed the piece on a Mac and assembled the bar in his workshop, welding as he went along.

It was a fascinating process and watching him work was hypnotic.

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